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M. Hashim Taylor

Hashim Taylor is a Post Graduate, Web Developer from Delhi, India. He has developed and launched some online shopping stores and other websites. However Hashim Did not pursued any technical education, nor he did any diploma or classes for computer science but he managed to follow a career in IT industry. He runs a firm called AsuxCorp formerly known as Asux Webmasters. He is also associated with Press and manage electronic transmission of news from the heart of the scene to the news room for multiple news channels. He also administrate multiple Facebook page like Shahdara, AsliMasti and other websites specific pages.

Early Life and Education

The 7th and youngest Son of a Postal Officer, Hashim was born in Shahdara, Delhi as Mohammad Hashim. He took his primary education from the MCD primary school at Durgapuri Chowk, Shahdara. He completed his secondary education from another Govt CBSE School also in Shahdara.  Hashim learned English ABCD in grade 6 as English was not a subject in Govt schools up to Grade 5. His Senior Secondary Education was done at another Govt School in Babarpur, Shahdara. He topped his school in 12th Grade in Biology. Due to unstable economic situation, he did not continued with science studies but switched to Arts as he completed Graduation from Shyam Lal Collage, Shahdara. Taylor Did his post graduate from Delhi University.

Career in IT Industry for an Arts Student

Hashim Did not pursued any computer class or education from school. He learned about computing from a DoorDarshan TV Show ‘Aao Computer Sikhey’ which was a talk show about a new thing in town, Computers! Hashim watched the entire season of this show with a pencil and paper in his hand and noting down anything he listened without understanding it. He read some books from school library about computers and found that a computer is the most fascinating thing in the world! Hashim Wanted to learn more of it so he reached a local computer training institute and joined it. Within 15 days, the manager of that institute offered Hashim a job as a computer teacher and refunded his ‘Rs 500’ which Hashim paid for a months fee! Hashim Started teaching MS-DOS, Wordstar and Lotus 123 while he kept on learning languages like BASIC and C himself. Self studies resulted in a amateur programmer with a learning passion.

Due to overwhelming economical situations, Hashim assembled his first personal computer in a empty cardboard box of shoes. He used television as a monitor which was very painful for eyes when sitting close to it. He spent nights after nights learning and developing software in Visual Basic with a lot of hankies to clean tears as the CRT television hurting his eyes whole night. His first software was a textile designing project named ‘MagicTex’ which was later renamed to ‘IanTex’. Unable to en-cash the software in the market, Hashim learned that Software Development might not be a bright idea as a career.

Hashim started some computer institutes but luck was always unhappy with him. He started focusing on the new thing called ‘Internet’ which was seemed much promising. He learned HTML by self study and launched his first website called AsliMasti.com. This website helped Hashim meet new friends and reach the outside world. soon he entered into Online Promotion and founded a firm called Asux Delence Technologies later known as Asux Webmasters which is now AsuxCorp.

Web Development

Hashim Taylor has launched some online eCommerce stores like BuyVideshi.com which is a shopping destination for imported items. He also launched 9xCart.com which is a online groceries store in India. He developed VardhMart.com for a client as a Electronic Gadgets store. He developed a number of websites including iSlimz.com, AsliMasti.com, ChatCity.in, JobCity.in, Vyast.com, This blog, Asux.in and many others.


Message From Hashim

Welcome to my Web Home. Today, sure is my lucky day. I’ve always wondering how people know about other good people around the world? When I have you on this page, I’m feeling so close to knowing a good person today. Thank you for giving me your precious visit 🙂 As long as I concern, I’m Hashim Taylor. Some of my old friends gave me the name ‘Smokkky’. They called me this because I love Jim Carry a lot and his milestone movie ‘The Mask’. I used to mimicry him by saying Ssssmokkkkkyyyyyyiing…. Ahh, those good old days! Besides, I’m live in New Delhi, India. Experiencing life in my motherland. Though I was born and raised in New Delhi, but I later moved to Kentucky, USA. After spending 2 years in US, I’m back and happy in my home town once again! I’m pretty much mad toward taking pictures and listening music. I hear ballads, Rock, hiphop and pop. Hindi music also gives me the great pleasure (lol). Since I pay close attention to the kind of music, lyrics and rhythm, my friends sometimes ask me before buying a new CD of newly launched albums. I’m gonna try posting a few reviews here on my blog too. Pictures is also a great attraction for me. I have my good old 8MP digicam which I use to shot here and there. I always think of buying a better resolution camera but I always end up thinking ‘Why be professional?’ hehehe. Well well, You’ve read till here, it means so much for me. Please, take a little time to fill the form below and drop me a line. If you are really in a hurry, you can link me on your LinkedIn contacts later or add me on your Facebook friends. Continuing of being myself, I’m in affiliate marketing business for about 12 years now. Due to my long experience, some of my friends come to me to resolve their problems with different networks. Since I learn something new from every query I received, I am very open to help others who need little help with their networks. Wanting to write more. I’ll sure come back to this page and write a lil more soon. I hope you still remember to drop me a line in the form below 🙂 I’m very much eager to learn a little about you… like where are you from, how did you find me etc. Please do not forget to spare a moment to fill the short form below this page to leave some words for me.

Have a great day!

– Hashim Taylor

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  1. I read out your whole wiki. I appreciate and is inspired by the hard work you have done in your life. I explored all your websites , articles and blogs , and they are simply good enough to explain the work you have done. I wish to work with you in future.

  2. mr Hashim,
    Aapne alovera ke bare me jo information di hai wo galat hai.agar aapke mutabik alovera nuksan deta hai to sabit karke dikhaiye . Maine alovera use kiya hai aur uska result bhi achha aaya.

  3. Great hashim….bhai I m really impressed by ur personality development. …..great…keep it up I hope Allah wil definitely do ur incomplete work keep itup

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