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Adstic Media – Finally hardcore Technology for affiliates

You might have heard about Adstic Media Network which is a France based ad network recently launched in India. This would be a big turn-off for many publishers that it is not directly open for signup on this network. Well, they are hiring affiliates by directly contacting them. Don’t miss, it’s on Net30!

So whats so ‘high-Tech’ about this network? This is the first and only network in India which is based on hardcore technology called PAP. PAP is currently the most advanced affiliate system which is most complete for affiliates. It offers some unique features like hiring your sub affiliates and downloading their iOS or android apps on your mobile phone.

Some beneficial features I noticed in this network are Net30 payment and competitive payouts. I noticed almost double payout for some campaign then DGM India and TYROO. Why would anyone waste their inventory for a campaign at low price while the same campaign is available on double payout? When I probed the reason for higher payout, I find out that they are taking the minimum share and most of the campaigns are directly from the advertiser on better payout. Finally a good affiliate network for publishers in India.

Adstic provides an app to be download in iOS and android devices. I installed it on my iPhone and iPad to check out its reporting. It does not popup an alert when you get a lead, but you need to refresh it manually to get the updated report. It support RAW clicks, transactions, daily and monthly overview with a clean interface. Some screenshots of their iPhone, iPad and android apps are here. Take a look:

Above: PAP iPad App

Above: PAP iPhone app

Above: PAP Android app


Adstic sent me a PDF file when I signed up as an affiliate. Here is the PDF file contents that Adstic Media sent me:


Adstic Media Network

Ad Network so Fantastic, We call it Adstic

Thank you for choosing Adstic Media Network. We provide you world’s best technology for tracking and management along with faster payout and wider range of campaigns.

Unique *new* Features, First time on an Indian Network:

  • Net30 Payment term, Get paid on time, every month *new*
  • Instant Reports for live tracking for clicks, leads and sales.
  • Facebook / Twitter integration of your promotion links. *new*
  • iOS/ Android app to track Clicks/sales on your Phone, Tab, iPod or iPad. *new*
  • Award winning Cross Platform User Interface. *new*
  • Forced Matrix – Multi Level Marketing for affiliates. *new*
  • Register your own sub affiliates and expand your inventory. *new*
  • Login to see a list of exciting new features.

Adstic Media network is not open for affiliates to sign up at Adstic website. We have chosen some special affiliates like you for our network. Kindly use the login link in your email to get started.


And here is the beautiful and feature rich cross-platform desktop of Adstic Media:

So, have a look around and explore their new techniques working for you. If you still don’t get a call from them, try mailing at support[at] and ask for an affiliate account.

Good luck 🙂

EDIT: Adstic has launched the public signup on August 1 2012. If you are still waiting to be an affiliate with them, you can go to their website and apply directly for an account. Try now.

Torrent sites blocked in India by court order

टोरेंट क्या है?

टोरेंट साइट एक ऐसा स्त्रोत है जिस से एक व्यक्ति अपना मनचाहा कंटैंट इंटरनेट से डाउन लोड कर सकते है। हाल ही मे कोर्ट के आदेश के अनुसार भारत मे इन टोरेंट साइटों को बंद कर दिया गया है। कोर्ट का मानना है की इस कदम से भारत मे बढ़ रही पाइरेसी कम होगी।

ऐसा क्यो किया गया?

रिलायंस एंटर्टेंमेंट जल्दी ही एक फिल्म लेकर आ रहा है और उस फिल्म को पाइरसी से बचाने के लिए रिलायंस ने कोर्ट से टोरेंट साइटों को बंद करने का आदेश लिया है। हालांकि सभी टोरेंट साइट ब्लॉक नहीं हो सकी है मगर ज्यादातर मुख्य टोरेंट साइट इस समय ब्लोकड़ है। मुख्य टोरेंट साइट मे शामिल है,,,,,, इत्यादि। माना जा रहा है की जल्दी ही सभी टोररेंट साइटें भारत मे प्रतिबंधित हो जाएंगी।

ब्लॉक साइट को कैसे खोले?

भारत मे साइट ब्लॉक करने के लिए एक मामूली सा कदम उठाया गया है जो की है ISP ब्लोकिंग। इस तरह सभी ISP को ये निर्देश दिये जाते है की वो निर्धारित URL को रेसोलव ना करे। इसका बेहद आसान और सटीक हल है प्रॉक्सी। आप प्रॉक्सी सर्वर के जरिये किसी भी ब्लोकेड URL को खोल सकते है। आपको केवल किसी प्रॉक्सी सर्वर की वैबसाइट पर जाना है और वह अपना मनचाहा यूआरएल लिखकर टोरेंट डाउनलोड कर सकते है। प्रॉक्सी सर्वर की सूची पाने के लिए आप या का इस्तेमाल कर सकते है। मेरा निजी प्रॉक्सी सर्वर भी आप इस्तेमाल कर सकते है जो की है.

DAV School East of Loni Road, Delhi – Hungry for Money

D.A.V. Public School aka Dayanand Anglo Vedic schools are spread throughout India and making big money from all over. Still they are doing illegal activities openly like asking for ‘Donation’ (Not as Donation, but as Bribe) at the time of admission in their schools.

dav school east of loni road

Asking for donation for admission in school is against the law and it is chargeable offence under Indian penal court when proved. Anti Corruption Bureau and Crime Branch of Police are doing much efforts to pin down such schools who are engaged by robbing innocent parents seeking admissions in good schools.

Let me tell you my incident here. I went to DAV School, East of Loni road, Shahdara for my daughter’s admission. First they were having a big poster outside telling ‘Admissions Closed’. If the admissions were closed, they would have told me to go back. Instead, they asked me to pay Rs 77,000/-  for admission. I was shocked! I asked what is that much money for and how much is the fee? I was answered that the fee is only Rs 2,600/- but I have to pay the donation to get my daughter admitted in the school. I requested the reception lady to make the donation a bit less, but she clearly denied. It was like not lowering the rates of bribe. I said that I am not having that much money this time but she keep denying for lowering the donation amount. I met the Principal but the principal also denied for the lowering the donation amount for any reason. Poor me!

If they are to force donation on parent, how would this be called a ‘Donation?’ It should be called a Bribe! If taking donation forcefully is a crime so aren’t these people criminals? Will you be sending your kids in a school full of Criminals? If anyone from senior management of DAV Schools or DAV College Managing Committee is reading this blog, I would like to suggest you that stop asking for bribe for admissions, learn to earn money the right way!

Everyone is welcome to post your good or bad experience at DAV public school, East of Loni Road below.

My favorite Thailand Pictures!

Hi, There’s lot of pictures I have which is dear to me. Here I am sharing some of them with you 🙂

Artists of Alcazar Show in Pattaya, Thailand. Its hard to believe that all of them are BOYS!


The Dark side of me. Enjoying outside view of Pattaya street.


A Shop lady in Singapore sold me this Chinese Kurta. I am feeling myself no less than Jacky Chain wearing this 😀


Some local friends at the Gem Factory at Chonbury, Thailand.


I always admire the people of Bangkok in the way they manage traffic. Lane driving is really Sane driving for them.


The Boyoke-II Tower is a famous shopping center in Bangkok. Restaurant on the top floor gives amazing view of the city.


Paragliding is what I can risk everything for. I never miss a chance for paragliding on hills or sea! Just getting tied up for one hell of a ride!


I don’t know what is so specific about this statue, but they are all over the Thailand. This one was found at the Suvarnbhumi airport, Bangkok.

There’s more pictures I will share with you. Keep in touch 😉

Current Indian System Vs Anna’s Jan Lokpal Bill

Govt of India seems to be continuously overlooking the Jan Lokpal bill suggested by the Team Anna. The main and only reason as we can see is the corruption in current leaders which will be investigated immediately after passing this Jan Lokpal bill. Every minister is sweating because almost all of them have something to be grabbed for.

Jan Lokpal Bill

Here is a summery of Jan Lokpal bill for review:

Existing System

System Proposed by civil society

No politician or senior officer ever goes to jail despite huge evidence because Anti Corruption Branch (ACB) and CBI directly come under the government. Before starting investigation or initiating prosecution in any case, they have to take permission from the same bosses, against whom the case has to be investigated. Lokpal at centre and Lokayukta at state level will be independent bodies. ACB and CBI will be merged into these bodies. They will have power to initiate investigations and prosecution against any officer or politician without needing anyone permission. Investigation should be completed within 1 year and trial to get over in next 1 year. Within two years, the corrupt should go to jail.
No corrupt officer is dismissed from the job because Central Vigilance Commission, which is supposed to dismiss corrupt officers, is only an advisory body. Whenever it advises government to dismiss any senior corrupt officer, its advice is never implemented. Lokpal and Lokayukta will have complete powers to order dismissal of a corrupt officer. CVC and all departmental vigilance will be merged into Lokpal and state vigilance will be merged into Lokayukta.
No action is taken against corrupt judges because permission is required from the Chief Justice of India to even register an FIR against corrupt judges. Lokpal & Lokayukta shall have powers to investigate and prosecute any judge without needing anyone permission.
Nowhere to go – People expose corruption but no action is taken on their complaints. Lokpal & Lokayukta will have to enquire into and hear every complaint.
There is so much corruption within CBI and vigilance departments. Their functioning is so secret that it encourages corruption within these agencies. All investigations in Lokpal & Lokayukta shall be transparent. After completion of investigation, all case records shall be open to public. Complaint against any staff of Lokpal & Lokayukta shall be enquired and punishment announced within two months.
Weak and corrupt people are appointed as heads of anti-corruption agencies. Politicians will have absolutely no say in selections of Chairperson and members of Lokpal & Lokayukta. Selections will take place through a transparent and public participatory process.
Citizens face harassment in government offices. Sometimes they are forced to pay bribes. One can only complaint to senior officers. No action is taken on complaints because senior officers also get their cut. Lokpal & Lokayukta will get public grievances resolved in time bound manner, impose a penalty of Rs 250 per day of delay to be deducted from the salary of guilty officer and award that amount as compensation to the aggrieved citizen.
Nothing in law to recover ill gotten wealth. A corrupt person can come out of jail and enjoy that money. Loss caused to the government due to corruption will be recovered from all accused.
Small punishment for corruption- Punishment for corruption is minimum 6 months and maximum 7 years. Enhanced punishment – The punishment would be minimum 5 years and maximum of life imprisonment.

Here is the FULL Jan Lokpal bill to download :

Your views are welcome 🙂

Run Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC 2G/EDGE) on iPhone in India

Vodafone Mobile Connect on iPhoneI’ve recently bought my iPhone and was happy using it on Vodafone India with 100 MB 3G iPhone data plane. When I used up 65 MB over, they charged me Rs 650/- @10/MB! I was almost fainted to see the bill and decided to switch back to 2G network data which is available to me for Rs 98/- only for 2GB Data!!! Awesome, isn’t it? But alas, my iPhone refused to connect to internet on this plan. When I tried to change APN settings, the Data setting option disappeared!!!

Finally I found 2 ways to get it working. One is simple and other one is advanced! First you need to know that your APN should be ‘www’ to connect to Vodafone Mobile Connect. Since there is no way to change the APN on the iPhone itself, you need to get some alternate way to change it.

Here’s how you do it:

1: Simple way (Needs WiFi connection)

Connect your iPhone (any of 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4) to WiFi and open Safari
Go to
Follow on screen instructions and select your network (IN – Vodafone or any other in case you are not using Vodafone)
Click ‘Save Settings’
You are good to go!!!

2: Advanced Way (If you do not have a WiFi connection)

Go to from your PC and download “iPhone Configuration Utility”
Run “iPhone Configuration Utility”
Take a look at the image below and enter your APN (www for Vodafone India)
Click “Install” button and you are good to go!

Post comments if you need any help, I will try to sort it out! 🙂


Teach your kids to get out of car themselve

Kids in car

It is so common to have a car these days and kids love their car so much. The car is not only the mode of transport when they go out on picnic or to their favorite places but also a small home for kids. Kids always treat the car as a picnic spot instead of a vehicle.

Most of the parents open doors for kids while boarding and de-boarding  from the car. We, the parents, pay least attention to small kids and do not notice that it is very easy to open the door of a car from the outside but it might be extremely difficult to open the same door from the inside.

It may sound weird but kids are being killed in developing countries like India. Car can easily kill kids due to suffocation and heat of green house effect. Such incidents are taking place with those people who are either new car owners or the people who are quite busy and are unable to pay attention onto kids.

Always remember to teach your kids how to unlock and open door from the inside in case they lock themselves in the car. It takes a minute only to explain it to kids and it can save their life! Also, Do not hand over the keys to younger kids, especially if you have remote attached with the keys. It is not a bad idea to teach kids how to react if the car got an accident. How to open the back seat or how to break the window glass in the case of emergency.

In India people avoid talking about accidents or mis-happenings but it is extremely essential to talk about such conditions with the kids. Talk with your kids about emergency situations, not only in car but also in home or public places. Teach them to prevent accidents and to stay calm in panic situations. Always ask your kids to wear seat belts and do not run the car unless all kids are wearing seat belts.

Be a good parent, start teaching your kids for safety 🙂

– Hashim Taylor

Read News: Kid got killed by heat in Honda City car –

BlackBerry Services on Vodafone India

In early 2010, when BlackBerry services were launched in India, it was so easy to get blackberry phones with services from Indian Cellular service providers. After a year, when it is so common to have blackberry services activated, Vodafone has almost completely removed information to activate and deactivate such services on user’s devices from their website.

I’ve been using blackberry Prosumer Services from my network provider ‘Vodafone India’ since last year. Now when I wanted to change my device and deactivate my blackberry services, I searched Vodafone India website all over but not found any information on how to deactivate my blackberry services. Recently vodafone customer care IVR has hidden options to ‘Talk to our representative’. When you call 111 or 121, you just hear a lot of options but “Talk to us”! Very user friendly!

After digging the net a lot, I found that we can call on 55666 to talk to them regarding BlackBerry services. I talked to them and got the information I was looking for finally. For such other users like me, who are looking all over the internet for this info, I am posing it here on my website. Hope it would be helpful for blackberry users in India.

Vodafone BlackBerry Prosumer Lite Services
(It will activate your instant messengers and push email for 10 email IDs for Rs 299 per month)

Send ACT BBPL to 111 to Activate
Send CAN BBPL to 111 to Deactivate

Vodafone BlackBerry Prosumer Service
(It will activate your instant messengers and push email for 10 email IDs and unlimited internet for Rs 599 per month)

Send ACT BBP599 to 111 to Activate
Send CAN BBP599 to 111 to Deactivate

Please do let me know if it was any useful for you!


Spam/Bulk SMS are making life hell in India

Living in India is always been a compromising experience. One needs to compromise in every step of his life. No matter how we like things or not, we have to live with them. If you cannot stand smoke or garbage or dirt or rude people, you have no choice but to bear them anyway.

Adding more to our daily life problems, receiving spam messages onto mobile phones is a big fashion these days. No matter you have registered yourself with NDNC which is “National Do Not Call”, you have to receive those nasty messages on your cell phone. Companies are too brave to ignore NDNC because there isn’t any major penalty. if someone, like me or you, stands ahead and complaint it to the police, The fine imposed is not much but a few hundred Rupees on this offence! What a Big deal?

It is stated on the NDNC website, – “The primary objective of the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC Registry) is to curb Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). UCC has been defined as “any message, through telecommunications service, which is transmitted for the purpose of informing about,or soliciting or promoting any commercial transaction in relation to goods, investments or services which a subscriber opts not to receive” –

Since I have very serious problem with these senders who keep sending me messages at least 10 times a day. Though I tried to dig out the names, I never was able to reach the people who actually send them. I’ve decided to list some of those Sender IDs who are really ignoring the NDNC and sending out illegal bulk messages to people. Since they are marketing their product illegal way, how can one think that their product or service will be faithful or legal? Below is some Sender IDs ignoring NDNC list:

TD-My Inbox

Just remember that the above senders prefer illegal ways to promote their business so you can easily judge the quality of their products or services would be. It’s time for us to step ahead and rise voice against this spam messaging marketing!

In case you find more senders sending messages out to the numbers which are already listed in NDNC, please be kind and post those sender IDs in here. Just reply below and tell us their sender IDs so that people could aware about them.

For those who do not know about NDNC, read this statement :- “For customers who would like to register/de-register their request for NDNC registry may dial 1909 or SMS to 1909 with keywords ‘START DND’ for registration and ‘STOP DND’ for de-registration”

To check whether your number is listed in NDNC registry, use this page:


– Hashim Taylor

Social Networks Keeps me close

Internet has always been a wonderful event all the times. Whenever we see something new, it is always so lucrative that we indulge ourselves into this to the full extent. Whether it is a web page, or email address, or blogs, or social networks or even micro-blogging, we always think that this is it!

Internet never show any full stop or even a comma, it is always developing, always growing. We can just hope that tomorrow would be much much brighter and easier than today! Some may think that we have gone so far today and the technology we have in hands is cutting edge, but the truth is, we are still learning. A major change is still awaiting, something bigger is still about to happen!

So far so good, as per what we have today, we can connect ourselves to shape a better tomorrow because in every invention, social support is a must. As far today is concern, we can use whole lot of social network to keep track of each other. Since you’ve been so indulge in social networks, I would like to add you in the network you prefer. Below is a small list of my links in major networks, I look forward to see you added in my network. Just click on any link below and add me as your friend 🙂

Facebook :
Twitter :
MySpace :
LinkedIn :

See you there!

– Hashim Taylor