Run Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC 2G/EDGE) on iPhone in India

Vodafone Mobile Connect on iPhoneI’ve recently bought my iPhone and was happy using it on Vodafone India with 100 MB 3G iPhone data plane. When I used up 65 MB over, they charged me Rs 650/- @10/MB! I was almost fainted to see the bill and decided to switch back to 2G network data which is available to me for Rs 98/- only for 2GB Data!!! Awesome, isn’t it? But alas, my iPhone refused to connect to internet on this plan. When I tried to change APN settings, the Data setting option disappeared!!!

Finally I found 2 ways to get it working. One is simple and other one is advanced! First you need to know that your APN should be ‘www’ to connect to Vodafone Mobile Connect. Since there is no way to change the APN on the iPhone itself, you need to get some alternate way to change it.

Here’s how you do it:

1: Simple way (Needs WiFi connection)

Connect your iPhone (any of 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4) to WiFi and open Safari
Go to
Follow on screen instructions and select your network (IN – Vodafone or any other in case you are not using Vodafone)
Click ‘Save Settings’
You are good to go!!!

2: Advanced Way (If you do not have a WiFi connection)

Go to from your PC and download “iPhone Configuration Utility”
Run “iPhone Configuration Utility”
Take a look at the image below and enter your APN (www for Vodafone India)
Click “Install” button and you are good to go!

Post comments if you need any help, I will try to sort it out! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Run Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC 2G/EDGE) on iPhone in India

  1. while installing the profile for vodafone mobile connect, I get “Invalid Profile Profile format not supported” error. Please help me

  2. I’ve noticed many people, including you, mention the vodafone 2G data rate of Rs 98/- for 2GB Data!!! Do you have a link to this plan.

    I’m based in Bombay and getting charged Rs. 198 for 1GB

  3. I bought Rs 98 2Gb gprs ( Vodafone Mobile Connect) postpaid plan and got it working on my iPhone. Here is my link where I have described the method:

  4. Well…I agree with John Gray. But per my experience service provided by every mobile operator is pathetic and Vodafone’s service is less pathetic then others…

  5. Hi,

    Thank you for this awesome tutorial.
    However, my personal hotspot is not working.

    Was wondering if you had/have made a tutorial on how to get personal hotspot working.

    Thank you.


  6. I’m using a Vodafone 2G plan. With the help of Configuration utility tool i am able to use Safari and other apps… but I’m just not able to connect to the App Store… whenever i try doing it, get an error message ” Cannot Connect to the App Store”.

    Is this a common problem.. can anyone suggest a solution?

  7. Wow, the first option turned out to be real simple. Although, I’m a little worried about installing it coz the security certificate is pointing to this third party site, instead of vodafone. I dont know how that can compromise the security, but just got me thinking.

    Anyways I have done it and it works.


  8. best option is to first activate vodfone mobile connect pack.

    then go to general > reset > reset network settings

    and voila !! all apps will work..

    tried this solution after exhausting all possible tricks.

    saw this method on one of the apple forum..

    cheers !!

  9. I already had EDGE enabled and was using it on my Samsung Galaxy. Switched to iPhone and it was not working. I followed this simple step –
    Settings -> General -> Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Network. Enter ‘www’ under APN and voila it started working.

    Hope it’ll work for you too.

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