– Highest Cashback, Lowest Customer Care, SMALL GAME TURNED BIG started giving recharge options and bill payments to mobile users in India, but it’s growing shopping store is getting day by day more popular due to its ever ending coupon codes and highest among all cash backs.


The company has been successful in attracting customers from across the leading Indian stores by providing in store credit called ‘PayTM Cash’. The credit can only be used in buying more stuff from the PayTM store or it can be used as a wallet / payment option at select merchants like BookMyShow.


However the increasing number of sales at PayTM reached an downfall when the company failed to provide required customer support. Until the day I am writing this, their customer care helpline is not 24×7. The call number is not mentioned on the website and the support contact is limited to email only. They have provided PayTM customer care number on invoices as the contact number of the merchant. (BTW If you need that number, It is +91 9999-39-1234). When you call here, you must enter the order number to be able to talk with their representative. Unless you are a born lucky, you will be getting the ‘please hold the line’ message until your call drops off. Be free and call them about a hundred times and stop trying when your fingers break your mobile’s touch screen. OR you can drop them an email and get into another lucky spin to see if you wins.

PayTM headquarter


As my failed shopping experience with PayTM, I once recharged a prepaid Vodafone number which was never recharged. the reply on email support explains that the same was done from PayTM and they are unable to help on that.

Moreover, I ordered an HTC mobile phone with 16GB storage (ORDER NO.  80037851615 Mar ’15   2:19 pm) but I was delivered a lower model with 8 GB storage. After hundreds of calls on the customer care number, I am still unlucky to hear the sweet voice of PayTM support personnel. Whenever I email them, they asked me to send pictures and explain about the seal and packing condition. No matter how many replies I sent with attached pictures and full details, I never heard back from anyone! Alas, after a month, I had to start using that cheaper product which I accidentally bought on higher price!

I also ordered some stuff like ‘Car Freshner (Order 833836314) and Electric Roti Maker (Order 779631892). I received both broken products in useless condition. I returned one product more than a month ago but never received the amount back.


There’s a plenty of websites which offers ‘Customers First’ type of support. If you have money in your pocket, you can spend it on the right place. Do not throw yourself in such a pity condition when you would curse yourself on shopping on such website.

Please share your experience with PayTM here. 🙂